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Geometry Global loved our first work with BAT so brought us on to be a centrepoint of the 'Glo Nano' internal product launch.

EventsTag were given creative licence when it came to idea generation and with a product centred around its lightweight colourful design, we felt the right way to celebrate this would be around the concept of levitation. Employees were prompted to choose from one of eight colours, with their chosen colour appearing in midair before them. Our live preview helped users stand in the right position, creating the levitation effect easily, via a simple user journey.

This was also as a market research effort by BAT to determine which colours would be most popular when the Nano landed in the market, so we provided a breakdown on our platform of the stats and the most popular designs.

Our automatic online report provided the perfect breakdown of stats for BAT to guage consumer response to the product colour options.



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