This seamless event technology uses RIFD technology to keep track of each individual exploring the event. Attendee tracking can be used to monitor crowds, identify traffic patterns and gauge the effectiveness of your event activities.

Attendee tracking gives you behavioural insights that can inform and shape decision-making and help maximise ROI. EventsTag delivers event technology solutions that are seamless and suited to the size, venue and style of event.

We have implemented attendee tracking for experiential event companies as part of our frictionless event management

  1. The attendee is registered and given a wristband on entrance 
  2. They tap their RFID wristband on terminals of areas they use
  3. All the information is fed to your dashboard/platform ??? 
  4. You can interrogate the data (through the platform/dashboard???) to see patterns in attendance, traffic, successful attractors and more. 

Contact our team about how tracking via RFID wristbands can be incorporated into the management of your next event. You can also find out about cashless payments and other intuitive and seamless event technology solutions.

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