Just like a character creator in a videogame, the event guest browses the avatar builder and picks whatever appeals to them. Our EventsTag team will make sure this event tech gives enough options to keep everyone happy! The guest then see their personal avatar in their event app and all brand communications.

The avatar builder is a creative enhancement of your event management. It injects a bit of fun into the registration process by giving it an extra layer of personalisation and encourages attendees to interact with your event app.

  1. The guest registers for the event app and taps to select their preferences 
  2. They create an avatar of their choice which is visible throughout the app
  3. They enjoy a more personalised experience than standard registration 

Contact our team to see whether an avatar builder could be part of the event management for your upcoming event. It can be combined with attendee tracking, cashless payments, photo booth hire and other seamless event tech.

See below for more examples

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