This seamless event technology uses a RFID wristband (radio-frequency identification) to provide a user-friendly and speedy way to pay. It allows the guest to simply tap their wristband on the point-of-sale terminal to register that they have consumed the product or service. Easy!

Whatever the event or event experience, the client’s brand is represented in every little aspect of the user journey. Make sure your team does the client proud with event technology solutions that are both intuitive and smart. 

Attendees are more likely to make purchases if there’s no cash involved and spend more money if they don’t have to give it a second thought. This means that event revenue can be maximised by cashless payments technology.

  1. The attendee wants to buy a drink, food, merchandise or other service
  2. They tap their RFID wristband on the point-of-sale terminal
  3. The transaction is processed and added to their total 

Contact our team about how cashless payments event technology via a RFID wristband can be implemented in your next event. It can be combined with other event tech such as attendee tracking and reporting.

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