We use after effects to create magic for your client with a green screen booth. The EventsTag team uses a green backdrop in the camera booth. This bright green colour is singled out by the computer and made transparent so that any computer imagery can be added – such as a fake background or animated overlay of your choice. Think big, because we can make any effect happen!

Whether it’s a camera booth, GIF booth, boomerang booth or 360 booth or other event tech, a green screen adds lots of scope for visual effects. We produce fully branded photo activation marketing that gives clients industry-leading results. 

Event attendees jump at the opportunity to experience the wonders of this movie-style trickery for themselves and create their own photo or video content. 

Cisco live! in Las Vegas - where EventsTag was challenged with creating an interactive experience for Cisco’s largest annual conference. To fit the event theme, we created an experience that allowed guests to become superheroes through our green screen and snap mask technologies. The results speak for themselves: 3466 images were created, 1376 texts and 2476 emails were sent.

  1. The user enters the camera booth with a green screen backdrop 
  2. They follow the simple instructions on screen and make any selections
  3. A 3-2-1 countdown happens before the camera captures the content
  4. The user sees a preview of their content to retake or share via social

Contact our team to chat about whether a photo booth rental or video booth with green screen is the right experiential marketing idea for your event.

See below for more examples of our event technology

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