The EventsTag team has the event technology to make instant sharing quick and intuitive. We’ll create an event microsite for you, in which every attendee has a personalised link to their own branded gallery. As well as browsing the photos, gifs or videos they’ve had lots of fun creating in our camera booths, they will have social share buttons to publish them immediately to their social accounts. 

Whether it’s a photo booth, green screen GIF booth, boomerang booth or other personalised content, your guests will be proud of the premium-quality results. Encourage them to share far and wide to give the brand lots of free exposure. 

You can brand the content in any way you like, with frames, watermarks, logos, branded backdrops, props and many other ways to get the message across. When social posts are created, they will automatically feature any pre-filled copy you have provided for the client, including hashtags and brand messages.

Experiential events companies who hire EventsTag to create fully-branded event booths along with personalised galleries for instant sharing and sending.

  1. The guest takes part in event experiences such as a photo booth 
  2. The captured content is automatically added to the guest’s personal gallery
  3. The guest can access their gallery, browse and share on social media

Contact our team to chat about whether a photo booth or boomerang booth with instant sharing is the right experiential marketing idea for your upcoming event.

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