Our photo booth technology makes it easy to capture easy, simple, quality pieces of content. Talk to our events team about creating the kind of content you want your guests to walk away with – from stunning fashion portraits to crazy GIFs.

Photo booths are popular largely because people can’t get enough of them! And they have the added bonus of giving brands shareable content which amplifies the reach and ROI of the event. Fully customisable, they can really embody the brand’s personality in terms of creative, look and feel, watermarks, overlays. We give you endless scope for expressing the brand message at your event.

  1. The user enters the photo booth and follows on-screen instructions
  2. After a 3-2-1 countdown, the system captures the required type of content   
  3. The user can see a preview of the content with the option to retake or finish 
  4. The user then has different sharing options available where they could even receive an email or text, and have options to share via social

Contact our team to chat about whether a photo booth is the right experiential marketing idea for your upcoming event. You can find out about other options such as video booths, slo mo station, social wall and other event activations.

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