The premium-quality postcard printing is done immediately at the event. It may be from content created in our video booths, green screen booths or any other experiential event interactions. Or it may be that guests simply select a favourite photo from their social media account. You can get creative with frames, overlays and effects and produce postcards or polaroids in various formats. 

Why not invite your guests to send their personalised postcards? They can write a message and address and pop them in a box. We’ll take care of it for you. 

A physical postcard is an unusual event gift. It’s something attendees can take away to stick up at home or in the office as a reminder of their experience. Or, send in the post. It can be more meaningful than yet another digital file.

  1. The user selects a photo from their device or from your branded photo booth 
  2. They take it to the postcard printing station at your event
  3. The fully-branded personal print is given to them as a takeaway 

Contact us to chat about whether a photo booth or video booth with physical postcards is the right experiential marketing idea for your next event.

See below for more examples

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