The EventsTag team has the event technology solutions to make interactive experiences, access control and cashless payments simple with RFID. The wristband has a chip that contains a unique ID. It can be placed in a wristband, card or even an inanimate object of your choice. When the attendee moves around, the chip is scanned and the system will know their information. 

Your client can give their guests a convenient way to enjoy the event, as well as a more personalised experience. If the guest uses a camera booth, GIF booth or other event interaction such as a game, then they will generate their own content, photographs and scores. RFID & QR bands mean all their data is kept centrally for them to access – and also stored for your own post-event analysis.   

Coors – we were hired by an experiential events company to provide seamless registration, access control and payments for 13,000 thirsty guests. We provided innovative event technology at their pop-up ice bars in London and Manchester.

  1. The user registers for the event via their own personal device
  2. On arrival, the guest is given a RFID – usually via a wristband
  3. The user moves around the event venue during their visit
  4. They get personalised access, see relevant content and other services 

Contact our team to chat about contactless event technology for your upcoming event - as well as all sorts of experiential marketing trends like slo mo booths.

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