By sharing either a photo booth picture or an existing photo from their device along with your chosen hashtag, the user can play the slot machine game. Their photo appears on the fully-branded screen and their virtual ‘spin’ begins. If they get 3-in-a-row then you get to give out the prizes. A feel-good moment!

The Eventstag team will help you to decide on a suitable prizing schedule for your social slot machine experience. For example, you might choose to give out a big-win prize early to create a splash, and then make sure the rest of the prizes are drip-fed throughout the competition timeline. 

Social slot machine games are great experiential event idea for brands wanting to make a quick impression. Easy to play, they tempt all kinds of people to have a go. The interactive game can, of course, be fully branded to promote your client’s brand both at the event and to generate social sharing beyond. 

Ebay. We were hired by an experiential events company to create a branded social slot machine for students at freshers week (college welcome week). The students completed over 2000 spins and 545 great prizes were given away by Ebay.  

  1. The user enters the photo booth and a photo is taken. Alternatively, you can give the user the option to share a photo from their own device.
  2. With no queue, the user typically sees their photo appear on the slot machine screen within 15-60 seconds and can play their turn.
  3. Spin! If their photo appears 3 times in a row then it’s a jackpot.

Contact our team to chat about whether a photo booth and social slot machine is the right experiential marketing idea for your upcoming event.

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