The event guest goes into your branded photo booth and selects their preferred option from a choice of 2D or 3D ‘masks’. These are overlaid over the person’s face on screen to look as if they have a painted face, animal face, made-up face or anything else. The AR even responds to movements and expressions for a realistic effect. There are no limits to the creative options of our augmented reality snap mask and our EventsTag team are happy to offer ideas. 

Your snap mask experiential event idea will be a talking point! This popular event attractor gives you the chance to share whatever brand message your client wants to convey. Guests love to see themselves in different guises and are always keen to share the result with their friends via social media or prints.

AT&T - we were hired by an experiential events company to create a branded snap mask event booth for the Pac-12 Football Championship. Guests transformed their faces with colourful flags without the need for any messy paint! Over 300 snap mask photographs were created in just 4 hours and 298 were shared on social media via the guest’s own devices. 

  1. The user enters the photo booth and taps the screen to make selections 
  2. A 3-2-1 countdown happens before the content is captured with a 2D or 3D snap mask 
  3. The user sees a preview of the result and can either retake or share on social media

Contact our team to chat about whether a snap mask and photo booth rental is the right experiential marketing idea for your upcoming event.

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