The EventsTag team has the event booth and video technology to create fully branded video booths. We keep things nice and easy for your guests with simple on-screen instructions to follow. The fully mic’d up video booths record live footage while directing your attendees with prompts along the way.    

The ideas may be your own or dreamt up by our team. What matters is that we meet your client’s brief. We’ll put it together for you - props, backdrops, overlays, editing - and syncing to music. It’s all part of the service. 

Whether it’s a video booth, GIF booth, boomerang booth, multi-camera array or other event tech, you’re guaranteed to get slick, polished results. We produce fully branded interactive experiences that do justice to any major brand.  

Your guests will feel like Youtube sensations or TV stars in our video booth. They’ll love getting creative and playing around. The resulting content will generate an explosion of free publicity and social sharing from your event. 

  1. The user enters the video booth and the screen shows what to do
  2. A 3-2-1 countdown happens before the camera captures the photo or video
  3. The user sees a preview and can either re-take or keep their content 
  4. They can use your selected share options to push it to social media

Contact our team to chat about whether a photo booth or video booth is the right experiential marketing idea for your next event. As well as these branded units we can take care of other event management such as cashless payments.

See below for more examples

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